Running Man

Wild Ride

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Wild Ride play rock 'n roll with a mixture of roots rock. So expect to hear some rockin' tracks, some folk rock, excellent guitar riffs by Marek Lisiak, drums by Kerri Berry, & a little harmonica. A great mix of rock songs and easy listening tunes.

This is Wild Ride's first full-length album. (They have two previous EP's, "No Exit", and "Tribute to Johnny Perez"). From the first track, 1962, (of which Kerri Berry dreamed the lyrics & melody), to Something Special, (inspired by a friend who was having a "nothing special" get together), Wild Ride takes you on a musical journey, full of twists & turns. From Cherry Bomb, (cover of The Runaways song), to Fire & Rain, (James Taylor cover), you will be on a wild ride, with different tempo's and musical styles, yet the whole album blends together with a totally cool vibe. It's a rock 'n roll album, with some folk-rock mixed in, amazing lead guitar, and the vocal harmonies of Marek Lisiak & Kerri Berry. This album also features some previously released singles; California (re-mixed), Running Man (re-recorded) and Lighting up the Moon, (re-mixed), which is the song inspired by their visits to Dale, who they visited every week for three months while he was in the hospital, to sing to him to cheer him up :-).... Wild Ride appreciates all the love and support from their family, friends & fans all around the world!

Personal note from Kerri Berry (Wild Ride drummer): I feel like Wild Ride music is like this; (if you can imagine this); one night The Rolling Stones went out on the town and bumped into ABBA and they all went and jammed together, then Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan stopped by, The Bee Gees came in at the last minute, and it all got recorded!

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