Wild Ride

Wild Ride

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Wild Ride is the self-titled album of Wild Ride. It's their 5th album, and features "Can't Wait Anymore" influenced by their tour with Richie Ramone (of The Ramones), and their self-titled song, "Wild Ride."

Wild Ride is an award winning rock 'n roll power duo, based in Los Angeles, California. Their music has been compared to Velvet Underground, Joan Jett, and The Ramones, however, they really have their own unique sound. Their self-titled album "Wild Ride" is their fifth album. They had seven entries in the 58th Grammy's, and have submitted their latest "Wild Ride" album to the 59th Grammy's. Their music is influenced by rock 'n roll with a twist of punk, and they have a positive message. Wild Ride has played over 300 shows and have toured the U.S. and Europe.

They have been fortunate to play with well known artists such as; WAR, Eric Burdon, Berlin, Third World, The Fixx, Dale Bozzio, Emmylou Harris, Albert Lee, Gene Loves Jezebel. They also did a three-state tour with Richie Ramone of The Ramones.

They are grateful to all their fans around the world.

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