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The Akademia Music Awards is pleased to present the award for Best Rock Music Video to Wild Ride for 'Peace In The Neighborhood' for the month of October 2019. It is the opinion of The Akademia Board that this work represents an important contribution towards the diversity and advancement of the global music community.


Meet Marek Lisiak of WILD RIDE in Tarzana. Article by Voyage LA.

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Get to know Power Rock Band, Wild Ride.

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Wild Ride were a power trio, the incarnation of a new faith in rock ‘n’ roll, with a leading man, Marek Lisiak, bringing up the muscular riffs and vocals, softened by drummer Kerri Berry’s vocal participation. It was an energetic and classic blues-rock set, filled with catchy melodies, hard-hitting at the right places, offering a broad diversity at the top of the wild guitar solos, which ended up with the always-popular Motorhead cover ‘Ace of Spade’.

Two Side Moon Promotions, Fireworks Magazine

Wild Ride’s “Wheels On Fire” album review: I found the music catchy, energetic, melodic and diverse with lots of character and spirit within the song structures, the musicianship is thrilling throughout the album, I think the band sound great and you have made a diverse record that I think our readers would enjoy. Good solid vibe, great production, excellent songwriting, maybe a little retro classic blues rock groove in there as well. - Nicky Baldrian, Two Side Moon Promotions, Fireworks Magazine


Co Jest Grane24 Wild Ride

Wild Ride in the Wroclaw Poland Newspaper.

The Akademia Music Awards

'Angels' is rendered with beatific elegance - here is a song that translates to any language without effort, such is its thematic clarity and instrumental wit.' - Winner of Best World Beat Song, The Akademia Music Awards, March 2016

The Akademia Music Awards

'Fervent guitar solos, relentless percussion and perfectly executed production make 'Kitchen Rocker' an entertaining and overpowering rock blues experience.' (Wild Ride - winner of Best Song Hard Rock/Blues).

The Akademia Music Awards

'Wild Ride wields a potent combination of distinct vocals, skillful axework and a hard-hitting beat to create this memorable hard rock jam.' (Winner for Best Rock - European Invasion)

Highwire Daze

Wild Ride is a San Fernando Valley band that are heading out for a tour of Europe for a summer jaunt. This was the warm up show for this three piece unit. It features a female drummer who sings a little bit too. The music is fun pop with a little edge of alternative dashed around at times. The spunky fun set of songs included You Get There (Sticky Wheels) and Believe In Angels. A wonderful highlight of the set was a great song called I’m A Kitchen Rocker. Of course while the main meals were being served and finished during this bands set of songs this one was well fitting and the crowd liked it.